Pizza Movie Game Night

Parents Night Out Upland Martial Arts CenterUpland Martial Arts Center knows that behind every good karate student is a hardworking parent that is shuttling their child to and from our martial arts classes each week. That is why we like to give back to these dedicated families with our “Parents Night Out” events. Every karate Mom and Dad need their “alone time” and we give them that opportunity! You can drop your child off at our UMAC dojo and know they will be safe while you enjoy your night on the town! We have alot of exciting activities planned including dodgeball and a movie to end the night.

Check our announcements for the next Pizza, Movie, Game Night.
Game Nights run from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. That is 5 hours of babysitting for only $15. Parents, enjoy a night alone at our next “Parents Night Out”.